Dear Customers

Please note that our suppliers have closed and some only open on the 15th January. This means we wont have stock of some of the outer colours and fabrics. To make it easier we have removed all fabrics that we no longer have in stock so they cant be ordered. If however you are wanting to place an order for a colour that is not in stock and are happy to get it from around the 10th – 15th January onwards, please drop us an email at and we can load the order manually for you. Just send us the description of what you want, your delivery address and contact number and when you would like delivery. We will then be in touch.

In some cases we can send the mattress without the cover, and then the cover can be delivered later when in stock. The delivery of the cover would be an extra charge of R170. We can discuss this option with you.

Happy holidays!

The SNooZA Team

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