SNooZA Care


Putting on & taking off the outer cover

Our outer covers fit snugly over the folded mattress preventing the SNooZA from looking creased or baggy. To take off the cover unzip it completely. Flip the SNooZA back upright. Pull up on all 4 corners (*see diagram 1) and then remove. Fold cover neatly and store. To put the cover back on hold 2 corners and line them up perfectly to the corners of the mattress. Now do the other 2. Pull down on each corner about a third of the way down, two at a time, until the cover is on. Flip over the SNooZA. Work gently when closing the zip. It is important to PUSH IN the inner mattress as you zip the SNooZA closed (*see diagram 2). This prevents the mattress cover from getting stuck in the zip and makes zipping easier.

SNooZA Care

Diagram 1

SNooZA Care

Diagram 2


How to open the SNooZA


Caring for your SNooZA

Inner mattress cover (grey):
The Inner cover is synthetic. We recommend a cold hand wash. Do NOT iron or tumble dry.

Outer Covers:

  • Canvas
    Use a mild soapy solution and a soft cloth to wipe off dirt. Do not use abrasive sponges or machine wash as this will damage it. Allow to drip dry. DO NOT IRON.
  • Denim
    Completely machine washable. Wash separately as the colour will run. Wash on a cold water cycle. Hang on the line inside out and iron to get rid of all creases. After washing, the cover might be tight at first just as it is when putting on a freshly washed pair of jeans. It will stretch with time.
  • Faux suede
    Our faux suede has a TEFLON coating which makes cleaning easy. With multiple washing this coating can come off. We therefore recommend a cold, gentle hand wash when necessary. For smaller spills remove the cover and spot clean with a little soap on a damp cloth. Dry out of direct sunlight. Iron inside out if necessary.
  • Faux leather
    Wipe down with a mild soapy solution on a damp cloth. Do not use an acetone, alcohol or solvent as it will eat through the lacquer and PVC causing the product to become brittle and crack.
  • Hertex- Jake (Pinstripe corduroy)
    Dry clean (preferable) or cold hand wash. Cool iron on the reverse side of the fabric. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. Dry out of direct sunlight.
  • Limited edition
    Cold hand wash. Dry out of direct sunlight. Iron inside out.
  • Yorkshire linen
    Warm Hand wash (approx. 40 degrees) or professionally clean. Dry out of direct sunlight. Iron inside out.
  • Linen Look (Aosta – launched June 2016)
    Dry clean only. This is a synthetic fabric so do not iron.
  • Milo cotton blend
    Cool hand wash (approx 30 degrees). Do  not squeeze or wring. Do not tumble dry. Avoid drying in the sun. Iron on reverse side – max 110 degrees. Dry cleanable.


The black synthetic bottom of your SNooZA can be wiped clean with a soapy cloth or hand washed but DO NOT IRON.

Do not wash foam. Immersing foam in water will affect the density and shorten its life. Please note – the foam takes approximately 3 months to “settle”. If it feels a little firm at first, give it time. The more you use it the softer it will get.


100% Money Back Guarantee

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