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SNooZA is an ottoman or chair that compliments your home furnishings. When you need a bed you simply zip off the cover, fold out the mattress and put on the fitted sheet. It’s that simple.

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Denim & Canvas - R2 150

Denim & Canvas - R2 150 (2)

Blue denim. Hardwearing and fully washable - same as any pair of jeans.
Faux Leather - R2 399

Faux Leather - R2 399 (2)

Faux leather /vinyl is wipeable. Most dirt can be removed with a very light soapy solution. Vinyl should not be cleaned with any other products as they contain chemicals that strip the upper coating and make the vinyl brittle causing it to crack. A very watered down hand soap solution works best. Pen or ink can not be removed from faux leather.
Linen Look - R2 500

Linen Look - R2 500 (10)

A linen look 100% polyester fabric. Soft to the touch and very sophisticated looking. A durable, modern fabric for a modern home. Dry clean only. 
Pinstripe Corduroy - R2 599

Pinstripe Corduroy - R2 599 (8)

A fine pinstripe corduroy with plush appearance and soft sensuous feel. This is an upholstery fabric which can be hand washed or dry-cleaned. 90% polyester, 10% nylon.
Cotton Blend - R2 650

Cotton Blend - R2 650 (6)

67% Cotton / 33% polyester, this hardy fabric is 350 grams/m2 in weight. It is Teflon coated which makes it soil & stain repellent.
Caribbean Days - R2 699

Caribbean Days - R2 699 (5)

Woven cotton blend fabric. Available is 2 styles - Jamaica and Trinidad. Both styles come in light blue, light grey and stone. A beautiful modern look.

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