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Campa SNooZA

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This is a basic SNooZA without the outer cover. It is a quality, waterproof z-fold mattress made from a waterproof nylon fabric and is perfect for glamping or for a more limited budget mattress requirement. If you are wanting a mattress and space is a problem, this is the mattress for you. It can be used in the day as a chair or table, and then folded out at night when a bed is needed. Available in 2 foam densities depending on whether it is for kids or adults. Price includes delivery anywhere in SA.

Please note: the campa SNooZA is not designed to have an outer cover. Should you wish to order an outer cover to put on it you might find the overall look as an ottoman a little baggy.


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The foam covering is a woven nylon fabric with a waterproof membrane. This means no liquids can penetrate the fabric however it could get in through stitching or zips. Mattress size 75cm wide x 1,9m long x 14cm thick.