About SNooZA

It’s a bed … IN an ottoman!

SNooZA is a space saving bed with multiple functionality. An ottoman or chair at first glance but on closer inspection you notice it has a zip at the bottom. If you flip it over and unzip the outer cover, inside is a Z shaped folding foam mattress … Space-saving and extremely practical!

The beauty of this product is that it is light-weight and can be folded away in the day, returning valuable floor space and making the room habitable once again. Far more appealing than a mattress lying around or standing against a wall. The perfect sleeper-couch alternative.

Outer Coverswida jake aubergine

The outer covers come in a range of upholstery quality fabrics, in colours suitable for any room in your home. And if you can’t find a fabric or colour you like – no problem! We’ll custom make one for you.

Inner Covers


Our inner mattress is covered with a practical, soft, water repellant, dark grey microfibre fabric. This cover also has zips and can easily be removed and washed. So keeping your SNooZA clean and hygienic is really easy.

The Foam Mattress

When it comes to the foam, we have spared no expense. The grades of foam we have chosen are of the highest quality which makes SNooZA the best quality product available. This is what makes us stand out from our competitors. Our foam is firm which ensures stable spinal support but with a softness factor making it comfortable at the same time. Because the foam is completely stable once cured, it is also hygienic and allergy free.

Choosing your foam density:

SNooZA offers you the option to choose either our standard foam for children up to 75kg’s or high density foam for adults over 75kg’s. This higher density foam is a little softer, which makes it more comfortable for adults. High density also extends the foams lifespan to accommodate the extra weight. The cost for the highest density foam is an extra R400 per SNooZA.


What sizes does the SNooZA come in?

SNooZA’s are only available in 1 size – the wida SNooZA:

We used to manufacture the smalla SNooZA which was narrower but have discontinued this size as it proved to be less popular.


The wida SNooZA is 75cm wide, a standard length bed (1.9m) and the mattress is 14cm thick. As an ottoman it is 63cm  x 75cm x 42cm high.

Fitted sheets and waterproof mattress protectors are also available from SNooZA however standard single fitted sheets will work too.

Putting 2 SNooZA’s together creates more options!

Two SNooZA’s together make a full queen size bed. Just put on a standard queen fitted sheet or mattress protector to keep the mattresses together.

Where can you use a SNooZA?

A SNooZA looks great anywhere – in a bedroom, a lounge, TV room, in a playroom as kids furniture. They are fantastic for sleepovers at home, holiday houses, granny’s house, camping – in fact anywhere where you might need a bed.

SNooZA’s in the Hospitality industry.

SNooZA’s are extremely popular in the hospitality industry. We have sold large quantities to B&B’s, guesthouses and even 5 star hotels. This is a practical solution for guest’s children. The staff love them because they are so light and easy to move between rooms and can be folded back to an ottoman during the day and left in the room.

Where can I buy a SNooZA?

SNooZA’s are only available on-line. 

Where is SNooZA BAsed?

SNooZA’s are custom made in Hout Bay, South Africa. We are a South African company and we use local suppliers. Some of our fabrics are imported by our suppliers such as Bartlett & Dunster and Hertex.

Sit / Flip & Unzip / Fold Out / Sleep

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